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Fees For Service

Dr. Lori A. Harral & Associates does not accept insurance, however, many insurance companies will reimburse their beneficiaries. Our therapists will provide you with a Super Bill as requested by your carrier. Please contact your provider to inquire about reimbursement in advance. All services are to be paid for at the time of your appointment. 

As a Fee for Service Provider this office accepts:

          Master Card
          American Express
          Debit Cards


In working with our Doctors who are Licensed Clinical Psychologists, services are offered at the customary rate of $125 - $225 per hour depending on service. Psychotherapy sessions are billed at $125 per hour and/or additional rates may apply. Telephone consultations, report writing, and court ordered documentation are billed at the rate of $125 per hour. 

Psych Evaluations and court testimony are billed at $225 

Initial Assessments

While your initial telephone consultation is complimentary, your initial assessment is an extended session to allow for appropriate intake and history. Your first session is critical in determining the direction of your services and is a 90 minute appointment. An additional $50 is added to the customary rate noted above.

Psychological Evaluations

A typical assessment is conducted once in a persons lifetime, usually in childhood, adolescence or in early adulthood.

While some insurance companies will cover psychological evaluations, a large number of carriers will not. We encourage every client to consult with their insurance company to determine whether or not the type of testing required, is covered by their policy and/or their carrier at all. If testing and evaluations are covered by an insurance company, the next question is if they have a provider in your area. If the answer is that they do not have a provider in the area, then ask if the insurance company is willing to reimburse you for your costs following the assessment. Testing & Evaluations will provide a detailed statement including diagnostic codes required by insurance for the possibility of reimbursement.

The amount of time your assessment will take will be determined by the referral question. You will be given an estimate of the total amount of time and the fees will be discussed with you prior to the appointment.

A well rounded evaluation includes:

          Initial Intake Assessment





          Report Writing

          Final Consultation

The fees for testing and evaluations are $225 per hour.

Our policy is that the fees will be paid in two increments:

          50% of the cost is required on the day of the assessment

          50% of the cost is required on the day of the final consultation

The written report and appropriate recommendations will be provided to the client at the final consultation and a complimentary copy of the report will be provided to all referring physicians at the client's request.